100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If yes, look over through this insane variety of stoner brands

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100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If yes, look over through this insane variety of stoner brands

Are you a canabisseur? If so, browse through this insane range of stoner brands.

It’s no secret that cannabis/marijuana/weed (or whatever you refer to it as) provides extensive nicknames. But there’s also a few nicknames for folks who take pleasure in the wacky backy.

We’ve put together a giant list of over stoner names for those partial to a shared or two. This directory of pothead nicknames have some exquisite stoner nicknames, some popular stoner nicknames, and a few international stoner brands, as well.

Classy Stoner Nicknames

For people who smoke but are interested in a summary of classier stoner nicknames as compared to classics, look no further than this number below.

  1. Cannabisseur – Like a connoisseur, only much better.
  2. Chiefer – a person who could be the fundamental of the reefer.
  3. Herbalist – For a lover for the eco-friendly material.
  4. Herbivore – A plant-eater, or a herbal cigarette smoker, in this situation.
  5. Area Cowboy – When getting up to area, a real smoker runs the overall game like a cowboy.
  6. High-flyer – it isn’t just an expression for people leading youngsters, a joint can provide you with this concept also.
  7. Weedpreneur – comparable to a Ganjapreneur yet not quite as profitable.
  8. Spliff king – this woman is the king of running spliffs.

System Depending Stoner Nicknames

Using it returning to rules, there are a few simpler labels for stoners based on the operate of cigarette weed itself. This amazing nicknames are method-based.

  1. Cigarette smoker – A pretty self-explanatory nickname as somebody who smokes anything is known as a tobacco user.
  2. Blower – Through the act of blowing aside smoking from a joint of weed.
  3. Roller – A roller is someone that rolls a combined.
  4. Zooie – A name directed at someone in control of a joint of grass.
  5. Flyer – mind into the clouds, this might be a nickname for a happy cigarette smoker.
  6. Puffer – An occasional tobacco user, someone that does not breathe in excessively.
  7. Blaster – For that friend exactly who blasts through every joint.
  8. Bong Buddy – a funny nickname for a stoner whom really loves their bong.

Timeless Stoner Nicknames

Whilst newer nicknames could be intriguing and amusing, https://datingreviewer.net/escort/west-covina/ you might like to return to traditional and famous nicknames for folks who delight in a fumes.

Let’s take a good look at some of those now.

  1. Mary Jane – one of the more traditional brands for marijuana.
  2. Ganja – Another classic, this originates from the name on the Ganges River that flows through India.
  3. Weedhead – A nickname for someone whom smokes a lot of weed.
  4. Enthusiast – some body noted for smoking in addition to an acquiring higher off some other medication.
  5. Doper – from the alternate identity for cannabis, dope.
  6. Weedie – The provider for the people, this is a reputation your one who’s constantly have a stash.
  7. Potthead – Timeless. The normal tobacco user who’s some vintage.
  8. Red-eye – via a red-eye trip, this guy smokes through the night.
  9. Hippie – treasured abreast of ganja with flowers within their locks.
  10. Environment Head – The stoner same in principle as a “dumb blonde.”
  11. HRH – His Regal Highness.
  12. Plant Medical Practitioner – By Peter Tosh.

Witty Stoner Nicknames

From “ganja glutton” to “bong breathing,” you won’t should be smoking to chuckle at these funny stoner names.

  1. Ganja Glutton – A glutton try someone money grubbing who loves to engage their unique vices. This nickname is for the greediest man aided by the joint.
  2. Reefer Chiefer – a main of cannabis, this name is produced by the movie ‘Reefer insanity.’
  3. Purple Monkey Balls – The name for a certain strain of cannabis, guaranteed to help make your buddies laugh.
  4. Spleef Bongtoker – produced from the text “spliff” which means a joint of grass and “bong,” a set up used to smoke cigarettes marijuana.
  5. Grass Mower – this will be for a smoker which mows through weed quicker than a grass mower mows through an area, we all know one.
  6. Metal Lungs – constant smokers must create lung area of metal for your levels many of them can smoke cigarettes at once.
  7. Smokie McPot – A Scottish derived nickname for stoners.
  8. Lettucehead – For the moment as soon as mind flops after a powerful mutual, e., like a lettuce.
  9. Yard Taster – Someone who has their particular hydroponic plant, evaluating the grass as they get.
  10. Bong air – That one’s fairly self-explanatory, proper?
  11. Asparagus – Among the many weirdest slang labels for marijuana, this is actually for the vegan cigarette smoker for the people.
  12. Fatty Fan – a person that used too-much which led to overindulging because of the munchies.
  13. Burger Boy – Hamburger was a name for low quality marijuana, and this name’s for all the lad lowest on profit purchasing the cheapest weed around.
  14. Roacher – The one who lights upwards last night’s roach each day. Roach which means the actual end of the joint.

Stoner Nicknames for Men

There have in all probability come several thousand nicknames for guy stoners developed through the years. However many of these has lasted. Check out of the most extremely well-known stoner nicknames that have endured the exam period.

  1. Bob – title for the notorious Bob Marley.
  2. Marley – The surname of Bob Marley, just the thing for a stoner chap.
  3. Damien – determined by one of Bob Marley’s sons.
  4. Baker – A name for somebody which smokes cannabis
  5. Ziggy – This nickname arises from another son of Bob Marley.
  6. Bud – The good thing of your marijuana additionally tends to make an effective nickname for a man.
  7. Blaze – simply to help you say it’s time for you to “blaze with Blaze.”
  8. Jerry – driven because of the American Singer/Songwriter, Jerry Garcia.
  9. Ace – perhaps not the ace of cards but another title for a combined, or a man.
  10. Jack – Short for Jack The Ripper as “rip” was a slang keyword for marijuana.
  11. Fela – The popular Afrobeats Ganja Man.

Stoner Labels for females

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