How exactly to Wire a change to Lock Up the Torque Converter on a 700R sign

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How exactly to Wire a change to Lock Up the Torque Converter on a 700R sign

Torque converter lockup throughout the 700R4 indication try subject to the TCC solenoid. After solenoid is actually engaged, substance is actually used on the torque converter clutch, promoting lockup and a primary back link involving the motor and indication. This particular aspect is normally controlled by the car’s computers when some problems is fulfilled, however this could be bypassed, and a toggle change enables you to controls torque converter lockup when the motorist wishes.

Gaining Accessibility the TCC Solenoid


Push the vehicle onto vehicles ramps, place it in playground, along with the emergency braking system.

Wear safety specs and set extreme strain skillet within the indication skillet.


Loosen the indication pan bolts four or five turns each, and softly pry upon the boundary of the indication skillet, getting cautious to stop any bending or warping. Leave the maximum amount of material as you can to empty from the damaged seal between your indication and indication pan.

Put one hand solidly on the indication skillet and hold on a minute towards the indication instance. Take away the sign cooking pan screws manually and slowly cut the skillet on to the large strain cooking pan. Remove the filter by pulling down on it. The TCC solenoid is attached to the valve body of sign.

Wiring the Solenoid and securing the Transmission

Step 1

Disconnect the positive and negative terminals in the electric battery. Discover a human anatomy soil underneath the vehicle and attach one end of the 16-gauge wire into the muscles ground. Operated the ground line through the indication wires grommet, and attach it to the bad area of the TCC solenoid.

Step Two

Determine in which the toggle change are going to be operating inside the automobile, and do the installation. Connect the 10 amp fuse block (without fuse installed) with the positive electric battery cable, and route the wire through a firewall grommet, into the vehicle. Attach the ceaseless area of the toggle turn.

Step 3

Attach 16-gauge wire into “on” situation of this toggle change. Path this line through the rubberized grommet during the firewall and down to the sign. Direct the wire through transmission cable utilize grommet and attach they on good section of the TCC solenoid.


Install new filtration to the transmission by lightly pressing up on it.

Place the newer indication pan gasket on top of the indication skillet, aligning all gaps. Press the indication skillet straight back onto the transmission and hand-tighten the bolts that protected the skillet towards indication. Torque the transmission screws on the manufacturer’s suggested torque with limited torque wrench.

Protected all 16-gauge cable towards the vehicle with zip links to avoid any clinging wire. Guarantee the toggle change is in the “off” position, and download the fuse in to the fuse block. Add indication fluid through transmission fill myladyboydate desktop tube, examining the substance levels every quart avoiding over filling. Straight back the vehicle off of the automobile ramps.

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