Meth and HIV Among Gay and Bi Latino guys VIDEOS

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Meth and HIV Among Gay and Bi Latino guys VIDEOS

Digital conversations in Texas and Los Angeles shed light on “the dark region of the rainbow.”


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Unlike present decades, crystal meth is usually over looked in today’s conversations about drug usage associated with HIV danger (nowadays, opioids have all the attention). But this does not suggest meth has disappeared. Far as a result, particularly when it comes down to Latino men who possess intercourse with males (MSM). And this summer time, two community leaders—one in California and something in Southern Texas—used Zoom and YouTube webinars to attract much-needed focus on this problem.

Richard Zaldivar, founder and administrator manager associated with Wall Las Memorias venture, a health that is latino-focused health team in Los Angeles, belgian bride moderated a discussion that included scientists, medical care providers, federal government officials and advocates (you can view the group’s “Act Now Against Meth” roundtable below). Together, the presenters made the truth that methamphetamine will continue to drive not merely HIV prices but additionally the prices of syphilis, violent criminal activity, hospitalizations and fatalities.

Act Now Against Meth Round Dining Dining Dining Table

Comparable subjects arose into the Texas-based webinar “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire:

The effect of Meth on HIV & Latinx Gay & Bi guys & MSM.” (it is possible to see the in-depth two-hour presentation on YouTube and under.)

That webinar ended up being spearheaded by the HIV collaborative attaining Together along side advocate Oscar Lopez, that is found in the Rio Grande Valley over the Mexico edge and it is the CEO and creator of Poderosos, a newly launched HIV and Latino advocacy and organization that is capacity-building.

What’s the web link between meth, HIV and Latino MSM? In a nutshell, while the presenters both in conversations made clear, meth usage usually increases tasks almost certainly going to transfer HIV, such as for instance sex with numerous lovers and condomless rectal intercourse. It’s additionally accessible and cheap.

What’s more, Lopez explains, meth could offer a required escape for Latino MSM. As an example, they are able to overlook the discrimination, homelessness, poverty, anxiety, isolation and loneliness that usually affect them and will be worsened by COVID-19 shutdowns and an anti-immigrant climate that is political. With regards to intercourse, Lopez says, meth eliminates inhibitions, enabling Latino males to take pleasure from the sex that is gay their machismo-focused culture forbids. “It provides some sort of closeness,” he informs POZ, “and the sex is much like a porno turn on in the room.”

Posters may be downloaded and personalized in English and Spanish at Due to

Guilmar Perdomo, a residential area organizer with all the Wall Las Memorias venture, claims he’s got heard comparable stories in community focus teams, with one person explaining meth as “the dark region of the rainbow.” These tales, he states, show just just exactly just how crucial it really is to fairly share crystal meth.

HIV advocates first raised the alarm about meth nearly two years ago. Much changed since then—the advent of social media marketing, hookup sites, access to porn—and a new generation requires become educated. We likewise have effective avoidance tools: PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and U=U (invisible Equals Untransmittable). PrEP is a tablet that is daily keeps HIV-negative individuals from contracting the herpes virus; U=U identifies the proven fact that people who have HIV who simply just simply take meds and continue maintaining an undetectable viral load cannot transfer the herpes virus during condomless intercourse. But as Cathy Reback, PhD, of Friends analysis Institute pointed call at one of many webinars, although PrEP and U=U have actually aided reduced transmission among meth users, these biomedical interventions aren’t a bullet that is silver. That’s because meth usage impedes adherence and disrupts the concept that is user’s of. No matter what effective the meds are, they’re useless or even taken. What’s more, many Latinos don’t have admission to PrEP and HIV treatment, particularly people who are now living in rural areas.

Oscar Lopez, the CEO of Poderosos, talks through the Texas webinar YouTube/Achieving Together

Lopez adds that needle exchanges along with other syringe solutions, that have turned out to be effective HIV prevention practices among injection medication users, are not quite as useful in the context for this meth issue as a result of two reasons: Meth users are educated about clean needles, and their HIV danger comes from sexual intercourse.

Within the future that is near Zaldivar claims, their LA-based team is following up with smaller team conversations and can host more Zoom roundtables when you look at the autumn. “We’ve desired to roll down a meth campaign going back couple of years,” he informs POZ, “but we’re perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps not in normal times now, so we would like to get some guidelines through the community first.”

“We need certainly to show Latinx homosexual and bisexual males we worry about them,” said Jeff Crowley, MPH, of this HIV Policy venture during the O’Neill Institute, through the Texas webinar. “That requires us to manage these tough problems, including medication usage and pleasure that is sexual. But that’s just just just exactly how we’ll fundamentally produce communities that are healthy actually make progress toward closing the HIV epidemic.”

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Meet three HIV groups spearheading covers meth and Latinos

Achieving Together

A collaboration of numerous stakeholders in Texas, this motion aims to get rid of the HIV epidemic for the reason that state by reducing transmissions, increasing viral suppression, closing wellness disparities and supporting a climate that is stigma-free. See for a synopsis of HIV in Texas and factual statements about the program to get rid of HIV.


The Wall Las Memorias Venture

By providing community wellness programs, drug abuse avoidance, organizations as well as other health services, this company assists LGBT people, Latinos and other underserved communities in Los Angeles. Launched and led by Richard Zaldivar, the nonprofit can be the custodian associated with the Wall Las Memorias AIDS Monument (pictured) in Lincoln Park. It offers granite panels with names of the lost into the epidemic and big wall surface panels that depict life with helps with the Latino community. Dedicated in 2004, the monument has become undergoing renovation.

TWLMP AIDS Monument is under renovation with plans for the irrigation that is new, fresh gardening that may.

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