Relationship Spread. Recently came across this person who once went after me personally but ultimately nv actually carry on because of a reason that is funny.

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Relationship Spread. Recently came across this person who once went after me personally but ultimately nv actually carry on because of a reason that is funny.

Hi all. I have had some readings that are really good this spread that will be from a book called “Method of Tarot” by Evelyne Herbin and Terry Donaldson:

1) what you are actually bringing to the relationship 2) what your location is now, with regards to each other 3) what you’re looking to get through the relationship 4) just what each other is bringing within their relationship to you 5) what they’re leaving it 6) what they’re hoping to achieve/experience to you 7) the way you look serbian free chat room open at other individual 8) the way they see you 9) the manner in which you saw him/her when you came across 10) the way the other individual saw you on your own very first conference 11) your very own anxieties/inconscious worries 12) your partner’s anxieties/unconscious fears 13) outside influences upon you 14) exterior influences upon each other 15) where in fact the relationship is certainly going

Lay the Querent’s cards regarding the left plus the “other’s” in the right. Hope you love.

This spread was done by me and the things I noticed is the fact that there isn’t any ‘guidance’ or assist. Where do you turn if you should be interested in assistance changing a mindset or the result? Or think about some type or type of suggestions about dealing with the worries and anxieties?

I prefer just how it creates things pretty clear – aesthetically aided by the left/right separation. You can observe if both events within the relationship are ‘on the same web page’ and you will additionally observe the connection has ‘morphed’ through the very first conference to your current day.

We liked it quite a lot.. but I would personally include a few alternatives for guidance.

We of low quality at reading cards, consequently, i would like your aid in assisting me to analysis the consequence of this spread.

Now he’s with another woman but he always confide between him and the girl in me abt the relationship prob. A lot of small indications that he had not given up on me from him show. I really hope from him, but i am reluctant to go on with him and yes i do have a slight liking for him that I am not getting any wrong signal. Consequently, I made a decision to test this spread out. This indicates become quite accurate yet somehow my ability is extremely lousy. Consequently, i will be concerned that i would b offering the incorrect interpretation. Please do assist me out..

They are the cards that I acquired with this spread 1. Ace of Wand 2. 8 of blade (Reversed) 3. 2 of Pentacles 4. 6 of Cups 5. The Devil (Reversed) 6. 7 of Wand 7. the man that is hangedReversed) 8. Judgement 9. King of Pentacles 10. 6 of Sword (Reversed) 11. Ace of Sword (Reversed) 12. Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) 13. 10 of Swords 14. The Chariot (Reversed) 15. The Tower

Thanks in Advances for ur help.

Sorry.. after addin this post then i recognized that i cannot create thread that inquire for interpretation. attempted to delete this reply .. but we cannot . mod can help me personally because of the removal? many thanks..

okay used to do this. and WOW. extremely interesting. EVEN de de de.. need to understand to trust myself. and my intuitions and wants and desires!

1. what do we bring to your relationship: Prince of Cups. I pring love, and gentleness and kindess 2. Where i will be now with regards to my lover/ex now: 4 of Pentacles. Well we simply split up and my safety in life is really so under consideration right here. I do want to keep things the that is same need to transfer. for people never to need certainly to sepperate. I would like to keep her. 3 The thing I want out from the relationship: 3 of Cups. . I would like a marriage celebration.. I would like joy and joy together with her. 4 just what does she bring to your relationship: 9 of wands. I am a bit confused.. This card is seen by me as standing alone. or working quite difficult. Therefore perhaps she brings work that is hard the partnership. she deffinatly makes me work she gets out of the relationship: Wisdom/High priestess its the same card: This is a major learning experience for her for it so to speak. 5. What. She actually is learning a lot about by herself. even though she does not desire to. She really wants to conceal from by herself. 6. exactly what she hopes to leave of this relationship: 7 of wands. Okay i’m stumped.. is this saying she loves to argue? Or we often see this card because demand that is too much attention. therefore is she longing for us to invest less attention on the.

7. The way I see her now. : King of wands.. Being a little irrational, having to bask in freedom and start to become irrisponcible. *I do not understand why we see the King of Wands as irrisponcible.. i just invision the viking that is ultimae Lord.. the necessity to pillage and rape and take in. as they say. Personally I think like she desires to get celebration. We call this period together with her. SINGLE FEVER! her buddies. the people that aren’t married.. are typical solitary..and she really wants to get celebration once again.

8. Exactly how she views me personally now.: 4 of Swords.. .i think she understands I have to heal from teh breakup..and i am going on holiday on tuesday. she left for her own vacation today. both had been scheduled before we split up. But also I am mostly unemployed for the year that is past a half and she HATES IT. Thinks I am being sluggish because I cannot find work.

9 exactly how we saw her as soon as we came across: Feminine. hot. vibrant. somebody you want to be near.

10. Me: Magicain.. capable how she saw. magical.. strong.

11. My insecurities :10 of Pents.. well i’m unemployed..and I really do doubt myself a lot..

12. her insecurities: 7 of swords. she does not want to possess to feel vulnerable. she really wants to burry and conceal and sneak far from her problems.. i also see this card as having b uilt up way too many defences that are personal. causing nobody to help you to obtain through.

13. Outside Influences on me : 9 of pentacles. She wants me personally to re-locate on my very own.. and I also’m likely to need to and it also SUCKS! she desires me personally to feel just like i can stay on my personal two foot once again.

14, External Influences on her behalf :King of Swords.. shes way too much inside her mind. and away from her body.. she seems cool in. like a shell. but additionally is like she is talked. and so it should be.

15. Out Come :Fool/BEGININGS. Well in my opinion..the trick is a bout the jump of faith. I must use the jump of faith that if i go..she will miss me personally. I’d an instant one other day..where i totally saw my Julia Roberts in Pretty WOman minute. She shall come and attempt to persuade me that i will be along with her. wich duhhhh i’ve informed her that most along.. silly dyke! (dyke remark perhaps not meant to offend.. it’s a prahse my friends and I also utilize. it really is an endearment..but think about the Trix commericals..Silly Rabbit)

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